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Cash-out speed
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Network:Chinese mobile app
Deposit bonus:-
Rakebackup to 50%
Payment methods:
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NLH (FR.SH)$0.05/0.1 - 3.5/7
NLH (HU)$0.3/0.6 - 3/6
OFC$0.1 - 32
PLO (FR, SH)$0.05/0.1 - 25/50
PLO (HU)$2/4
Ring PLO
Short Deck
Fast fold tables

PPPoker is the one of the leading chinese poker apps, where players get an access to the sweet private games through our private clubs. Generally global pool is based on asian players, but there`s represented many different regions as Australia, the USA, Russia. If you have just switched from classic poker rooms to PPPoker, then the software will seem unusual at first glance. But the softness of the field, the excellent rb deal in PPP will soften the inconvenience of software.

For multi-tabling you need to create several accounts. For each new account you must add an union/club separately. Otherwise you will have to play only on one table.


Note! You cannot sit at the same table with two different PPP accounts.

PPPoker Unions will take this as a teamplay/collusion!

Software and statistics programs

The software works without failures and is considered one of the most stable among mobile applications. It has an intuitive interface. You can install the software on iOS, Android and Windows. Some of the features that grinders are used to will not be available in PPPoker, because the room is aimed at amateurs from the Asian region.

The HUD is supported through a special hand converter. The cost of the converter is only $25/month.

Deposit and withdrawal options

PPPoker has an agency cashier. As other asian poker rooms it uses a playmoney application as a platform to run real money games. This scheme avoids local regulation laws and allows players from China to get access to cash games. 

Deposits and withdrawals are made through the managers of RedRumPoker. It works immediately.

Deposit/withdrawals methods: Skrill, Neteller, BTC, PayPal.

Withdrawal fee is 0%!


Rakeback and Rake

You can find out about the rb deal in PPPoker for each club from the room manager.

We pay rakeback every Wednesday directly on player`s account.

Poker room use Weigth-contributed rake system.

Rake in NLHE and PLO games is 5% and capped at 3bb below NL200, at NL200 and above the cap is 2bb. OFC rake is 3% with cap at 3 points.

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Features of the deal
Super soft field
PC poker client
HUD is supported
Fast cashouts
Unique clubs
Full funds guarantee
Rakeback up to 50%
Cash-outs on Skrill without any charge
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