Staking deals by RedRum Poker!


In view of long-term and productive work with a limited circle of players in the framework of non-public cooperation, we decided to expand our staking fund.

Staking for us is a partnership, mutually beneficial cooperation, as a result of which the player has the opportunity for a short period of time to go from 100% staking to the availability of his own bankroll for the game.

A flexible system of loyalty, the ability to take a share from oneself, a kickback system matched specifically for each person, allows the player to save a reason why most of us chose poker, it`s freedom. If you see a staking for yourself as a stage, but not turning a grind into a hired job, then we are on the way.

In addition to the idea that we are guided by, we also have the tools to implement it:

  1. Access to reservations and private poker rooms.
  2. The presence of regular action, both for HU players and SH, FR. You do not need to wait to start the game at a time convenient for you.
  3. Full support at all stages, both playing and sign-ups. Help in installing HUD, emulators, tweaking multi-tabling for personal needs, setting up third-party software.

In the conditions of constantly increasing information noise, changes in the trends of the poker world and strengthening of the fields, we suggest you not to waste time. To start winning, you need to leave a request and find out what we can offer specifically to you.

The application must be sent to Skype or Telegram:

Request must be in the following format:

  • full name;
  • nicknames in poker rooms;
  • nicknames in poker forums;
  • how to contact you? (poker forums, social networks, messengers, email, Skype);
  • your type of game (cash, MTT, SnG);
  • winrates by stakes (the played distance must be not less than 100k hands).