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Who are we?

We are a poker community consisting of players and affiliates. We provide all kinds of assistance for all kinds of players.
RRP customers experience all benefits working on with us. You will definitely find "your place" because we have around 70 poker-rooms in the portfolio. Useful search filter will help you to do that.
For fellows who don't want to use search filter we've prepared alternative option! You can click on 'VIP deal selection' button below on the screen. Our managers will handle your request and let you know asap.

RedRumPoker's offers

We offer top VIP deals for all players. Also we offer VIP services like:

  • for new players +5% extra to usual VIP deal during 2 months;
  • individual selection of games;
  • discounts (30%-100%) for mining and software;
  • possibility to get staked in Poker Master;
  • action monitoring 24/7;
  • hand converters;
  • VPNs;
  • layouts;
  • mining;
  • e-wallet boosting;

Future of RedRumPoker

We want to progress and develop! This can help each of the guests and customers of the site. Just contact us and tell what you'd like to see on the website. Also you can write to RRP managers about which poker-rooms or applications you'd like to see among the deals on our website.