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Network:iPoker network
Deposit bonus:200% up to €1000 (value 20% WC) + €25 free cash
Rakeback65% SBR
Payment methods:
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NLHE€0.01/0.02 - 5/10
PLO€0.02/0.04 - 5/10
Ring PLO
6+ Holdem

Betfair is considered one of the largest gambling companies. It provides a variety of gambling services:

  • online slots;
  • online casino;
  • sportsbetting;
  • online poker.

Betfair betting exchange is the largest in the world, leaving its competitors far behind. Shares of the company are actively sold and bought on trading exchanges. In the stock market, the estimated value of Betfeir exceeds £ 1 billion. All this speaks about the reliability of the company as a whole and the safety of the game in Betfair.

Betfair Poker is a part of the iPoker. The network is one of the oldest and most reputable in the world, which, combined with the reputation of Betfair, makes online poker in this room the most reliable. Despite the largest player base, Betfair Poker is not the leading skin on the iPoker network. Therefore, the company conducts a profitable advertising campaign for affiliates and players. Rakeback deals are the most profitable - Betfair offers some of the highest percentage of refund in the Ipoker network.

Poker client of  Betfair does not differ from the software of other rooms of the network. Like other programs of other rooms, it is distinguished by its colors and logos. It is suitable for comfortable playing at several tables, but remains equally demanding on the gland. In addition, there are tangible pauses when laying out the cards.

Software and statistics programs

There is direct support for Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker and iPoker Tools programs (auxiliary software for the convenience of the game).

The client of the room is available on the platforms: Windows, MAC, Android, IOS, there is a browser version.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Deposit / Withdrawal Methods:

  • VISA;
  • Mastercard;
  • Paysafecard;
  • Skrill;
  • Ecopayz;
  • Bank transfer;
  • Moneta.ru;
  • Qiwi;
  • Webmoney;
  • PayPal.

Withdrawal time for e-wallets is up to 24 hours.

Rakeback and Rake

  • Welcome bonus 200% up to €1000 (worth 20% WC rb);
  • 65% SBR rb;
  • €12,500 Twister race;
  • €10,000 Cash and MTT rake race;
  • Promo Bank Job (reload bonus worths 10% WC). The Bank Job must be opt-in;
  • New player`s package;
  • other room`s promos: https://promos.betfair.com/poker



Pot Limit/No Limit 0.01/0.02€ up to 0.02/0.04€

Number of players Rake per pot Max. Rake
2-10 0.01 € for each 0.15€ in the pot 1.00€


Pot limit/No Limit 0.05/0.10 €

Number of players Rake per pot Max. Rake
2 0.01 € for each 0.15€ in the pot 1.00€
3-10 0.01 € for each 0.15€ in the pot 2.00€


Pot limit/No Limit 0.10/0.20 € up to 0.25/0.50 €

Number of players Rake per pot Max. Rake
2 0.01 € for each 0.20€ in the pot 1.00€
3-4 0.01 € for each 0.20€ in the pot 2.00€
5-10 0.01 € for each 0.20€ in the pot 3.00€


Pot limit/No Limit 0.50/1.00 € up to 5.00/10.00 €

Number of players Rake per pot Max. Rake
2 0.05 € for each 1.00€ in the pot 1.00€
3-4 0.05 € for each 1.00€ in the pot 2.00€
5-10 0.05 € for each 1.00€ in the pot 3.00€


SBR / RVP rake structure

Players in the room are rated according to the system: 50% SBR + 50% normal rake. This system is new to the network. She touched all game disciplines except MTT. Also, the amount of rake that is deposited by the player in the game has been changed. This number depends solely on one indicator - does the poker player play with its own money (deposit) or won in the room.

Consider a situation where there are 2 players: one (from Coral Poker) made the first deposit, plays for his own money, and the second (from Winner Poker) for the winnings. Suppose that each of them contributed $5 in rake, and the total pot amounts to $10 in rake. The SBR system will give each room - and Coral and Winner - $2.5 in rake. Only after that the software will consider the means from which money was formed the pot. Since the first player participated in the distribution at his own expense, and the second player won and did not improve the economy of the iPoker network, the system will give another $5 in favor of the Coral. Thus, Coral Poker will receive $7.5 and Winner will receive only $2.5. Recall that before February 1, 2015, each room of the network would receive $5.

But in cases where both players will play the distribution for the winnings, the system will split the rake between the rooms equally. If the player will participate in the distribution of money is not from his first deposit, then the rake in the room will be credited only in the amount of 50%. Under the definition of "first deposit" is understood precisely the amount deposited with the first deposit in an account in the room. For example, a poker player threw $2000 into the account and after that won $400 and opened a new table. In this case, the system will consider that it plays for the money won, and therefore will give off only 25% of the rake. And vice versa, if he lost the same $400 from $2k, then the system will distribute an additional 50% of the rake in favor of the player of this room, i.e. in total, it will be 75%. At the same time, representatives of the network reported that the system has long been involved in calculating deposits and cashouts, and therefore it is impossible to deceive it now.

In SnG operates the same system. Take, for example, a tournament for 6 players for 10 + 1$. In this case, each poker player contributed $1 rake to the pot and its amount will be $6. The system will give $1.5 to each room and the remaining $3 will be distributed in a clear relationship to whether new players who have made deposits or poker players who play with the funds won.

There is also such an observation: in practice, working with the iPoker network, we know that with a SBR, a good winning regular gets about 55-60% of real rake. Sometimes a little more if he gets lucky. But usually 55-60% if he wins good. But we noticed that Coral Poker, unlike other network skins, often leaves 60-75% SBR for winning players. We do not know why. It is likely that this is just a coincidence. Also, if a player is not a super-losing player and doesn’t make withdrawals very often, he gets a lot more SBR in iPoker. Those. if a player often makes withdrawals, then less rake is counted in the system of SBR. We recommend our players to do withdrawals less often, maybe 1-2 times a month to get more SBR.

SBR is a new iPoker network. The system is designed to protect "disadvantaged" novice poker players and fishes from "evil" grinders who quickly win money for newbies. But, in fact, SBR is intended only for one thing - to follow from which funds the rake was paid: from the player’s deposit or from the money won.

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