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Deposit bonus:-
Rakebackflat up to 55% (without Fish Buffet)
Payment methods:
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NLH$0.05/0.1 - 100/200
PLO$0.05/0.1 - 100/200
Ring PLO
All-in or Fold
Fast fold tables

Allnewpoker, also known as Snail Poker, is a unique GGnetwork skin, there is a flat rakeback deal and its own rake race on top of common promos for GG network.

This is a Chinese skin, that is why so many Chinese play on the GG network, almost all of them play through Snail Poker. That is why ANP is a solid skin and the GG network likes them.

Good Game Network has made a tremendous breakthrough over the past few years. Now it is a serious and major player in the online poker market, the place where`s running one of the most expensive games in the Internet.

The network holds many promotions to encourage both recreational players and serious grinders. Also here you can find a wide variety of games and types of poker.

Software and statistics programs

According to the rules of the network, it is forbidden to use and even keep running any poker software. But there is also good news - it can be replaced with the built-in Smart HUD client. This is a specially designed software for collecting game statistics.

The Snail Poker client runs on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and browser versions.

Deposit and withdrawal options

All operations in Snail are carried out through our agent cashier.
The exchange rate in AllNewPoker is fixed 1 USD = 6.8 CNY.

Deposit and withdrawal methods: Skrill, Neteller, BTC.

Terms of cashouts within 24 hours.

Rakeback and Rake

Snail Poker does not have Fish Buffet program, instead players get a flat rakeback of 50% or more.

All Good Game Network promotions are available, in addition there is a special rake race only for Allnewpoker players 100K CNY every month!

Snail Poker NLH Rake Structure

All tables in the network have a rake of 5% with a cap. Below is a table with the corresponding caps:

Blinds Rake 2 players cap 3+ players cap
$0.05/0.10 5% - $0.01 per each $0.20 $1 $3
$0.10/0.25 5% - $0.01 per each $0.20 $1 $5
$0.25/0.50 5% - $0.05 per each $1.00 $1 $5
$0.50/1 5% - $0.10 per each $2.00 $3 $5
$1/2 5% - $0.20 per each $4.00 $5 $8
$2/4 5% - $0.40 per each $8.00 $7 $10
$3/6 5% - $1 per each $20 $8 $15
$5/10 5% - $2 per each $40 $10 $20


When playing Omaha, rake will always be 3% on GGNetwork. No caps.


All-in or Fold rake in Snail

Blinds Game Type Rake
$0.10/0.25 Holdem $0.02
$0.25/0.50 Omaha $0.02
$0.50/1 Holdem $0.10
$1/2 Omaha $0.10
$2/4 Holdem $0.40
$4/8 Omaha $0.40
$5/10 Holdem $1


No Flop Rule

In most poker networks, rake is not charged from the pot if the hand does not reach the flop. In GG, this rule works a little differently. In case there was a 3bet on preflop, the rake will be taken independently, the distribution will come before the flop or not.


  • there was no 3bet on the flop or preflop = rake is NOT taken;
  • the hand reached the flop or was pre-flop 3bet = rake is charged.


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Great option for MTTs
Leading Chinese skin of the network
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